Evaluator Training

Publication September 2017 | 20 pages

Evaluator Training: A Guide for States
Improving a key building block of better instruction

What steps can states take to improve the quality of evaluator training programs?

What are the components of an effective training program for evaluators?

Evaluator Training: A Guide for States builds a case for prioritizing evaluator training and proposes a detailed framework for developing and delivering a high-quality program.

Blog post Andy Baxter, SREB Vice President, Educator Effectiveness
Andy Baxter

Why Evaluator Training?
Our evaluation systems depend on the quality of feedback teachers receive

Over the last five years, SREB’s Educator Effectiveness team has interviewed hundreds of teachers and classroom observers, pored over evaluation data, convened state education agency staff, and read everything we could find about how to improve the systems of feedback that teachers receive. Over and over again, we ended up at the same place:

Classroom observers need training in how to understand what is happening in classrooms and how to communicate feedback in ways that teachers can hear and act upon.