Making Schools Work
State Consortium Membership Levels


SREB’s Making Schools Work State Consortium supports member states with a customized suite of services that increase the career and college readiness of K-14 students. The consortium’s power lies in our capacity to unite member states in seeking solutions to shared issues like increasing graduation requirements, analyzing industry certifications and creating streamlined credentialing systems, and reviewing dual enrollment practices.

  1. Targeted support that builds the capacity of state-identified schools to sustain change
  2. Statewide discounts on SREB’s research-based, classroom-tested curricular products, tools and professional development and coaching services
  3. Networking and learning opportunities through our Making Schools Work Advisory Council and at annual events like the Making Schools Work Conference

All services are delivered by SREB staff with deep experience leading change as state leaders, superintendents, principals, master teachers and instructional and leadership coaches.

States can bundle their supports to address unique needs, such as by providing special support to a challenged school or district, or by taking a statewide approach. For example:

  • Alabama worked with SREB to develop a statewide plans of instruction template and facilitated the identification of embedded academic credit in CTE courses.
  • To guide Georgia’s statewide professional learning, SREB helped develop a profile of a CTAE graduate and profiles of CTAE teachers, CTAE counselors and CTAE leaders.
  • SREB helped Oklahoma facilitate virtual workshops on recruitment and success for non-traditional CTE students. SREB also facilitated Oklahoma’s statewide virtual learning conference, an area of need many states and districts face given the challenges of addressing unfinished learning.
  • In Virginia, SREB reviewed the Governor’s 21 STEM Academies and nine Health Science Academies
  • SREB is working with South Carolina to streamline the state’s tiered credential system and create visual guides to programs of study and Career Clusters

The services included in this chart are subject to change. Please contact Dale Winkler at (404) 879-5529 or for more information.

Download the state membership guide (PDF)

Consortium Membership Supports and Services Entry
School Improvement Tools and Services
Needs Assessment Reviews: State, District or School – Each Career Pathway Review or Curriculum and Instruction Review includes free administration of our Student and Teacher Surveys. States may exchange one review for three days of onsite or virtual professional development at the state, district or school level. States may work with SREB to adapt multiple reviews to address a state need (e.g., a statewide review of career centers). One review at a state-identified site Three reviews at state-identified sites Five reviews at state-identified sites
One-Day Site Development Workshop or
Career Pathway Review Unpacking Workshop at the state, regional, district or school level
One CIR site or state or regional level Three CIR sites or state or regional level Five CIR sites or state or regional level
Optional Bundled Services**
SREB can customize support to address the unique needs of your state or state-identified districts and challenged schools. States will receive the indicated number of days of support for one or more areas. 6 days 15 days 30 days
Statewide Discounts for All Schools and Districts

Discounted Annual Student and Teacher Surveys (Regular cost: $500 per school; increasing to $600 for Spring 2024 surveys)

N/A $50 off per school $50 off per school

Access Discount – Readiness Course Curricula (Regular cost: $10,000 per course for curriculum access and a three-day training)

$1,000 off
per school
$2,000 off
per school
$3,000 off per school
Access Discount – Teaching to Lead CTE Alternative Certification Program (Discount applies to a two-year support plan) $1,000 off $2,000 off $3,000 off
Access Discount – SREB SMART Science and Math Alternative Route to Teaching (Discount applies to a two-year plan) $1,000 off $2,000 off $3,000 off
Networking and Collaboration Benefits

Free Registration and Travel – Fall State Leaders Forum

2 people 3 people 3 people
Membership – Making Schools Work Advisory Councils*** 1 person per council 2 people per council 2 people per council
Free Registrations – Making Schools Work Conference 2 registrations 4 registrations 8 registrations
Free Registrations – Coaching for Change Conference - 1
2 registrations

** Optional bundled services may be received in lieu of School Improvement Tools and Services.

*** Members may be: High school – state CTE directors or school improvement directors; tech centers: state CTE director and state, district or local CTE administrators, teachers or counselors;; middle grades: state school improvement directors or local middle grades or CTE leaders; elementary: state school improvement directors. Council members typically serve a two-year term.

This page was last revised April 5, 2022.