School Improvement


School Improvement Staff

SREB’s Office of School Improvement has spent decades investigating what works to build and sustain lasting capacity for change in schools nationwide.

Our staff have deep expertise as classroom teachers, school, district and state education leaders, research and evaluation specialists, and policy analysts.


Jason Adair
Program Director, Literacy and Mathematics

Jason Adair is the program director for Literacy and Mathematics in the instructional programs division. He leads a team of content coaches as they develop and deliver high quality professional development to teachers, instructional coaches, and school and district leaders. Jason joined SREB’s school improvement team in 2011, bringing more than 10 years of experience in the public education sector. He was a middle school and high school mathematics teacher and instructional coach in Florida for eight years before leading K-12 mathematics in Gaston County, North Carolina.


Lessie Anderson
School Improvement Instructional Coach

Lessie Anderson is a school improvement instructional coach. She joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2016 as a Mathematics Design Collaborative consultant. Prior to SREB, she was an instructional coach with NC New Schools/Breakthrough Learning. She has also served as an education consultant at North Carolina State University, a face-to-face and virtual high school math teacher, and adjunct instructor at the local community college.


Shawn Bender
School Improvement Leadership Coach

Shawn Bender is a school improvement leadership coach at SREB, where he works with principals, assistant principals, and instructional leaders to better the conditions for teaching and learning within districts and schools. He joined SREB in 2018, bringing more than 17 years of experience in the public education sector. He was an elementary school teacher in New York and Georgia for four years before transforming teaching practices as principal at Perkerson Elementary school in Atlanta.


James Berto
Research Associate, Advanced Career

Jim Berto joined the Southern Region Education Board in 2005 as project manager for the Delaware Curriculum and Instructional Review project. Since then, Jim has held several positions, including administrative specialist, TAV coordinator, pathway designer, and research associate.  Currently, Jim provides research and marketing support for SREB’s Advanced Career (AC) initiative. Prior to SREB, Jim was a school career and technical education (CTE) director, systemwide CTE coordinator and marketing teacher with Atlanta Public Schools.


Steve Broome
Executive Director, School Improvement

Steve Broome is executive director for school improvement. He joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2006 as the director of state development for high schools and middle grades for High Schools That Work, He brought more than 15 years of experience working on issues of education policy and practice in the public education sector. Steve has worked with state and local leaders in 32 states through HSTW.


Jenn Carter
Contract and Grant Coordinator

Jenn Carter is the contract and grant coordinator for school improvement. She joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2003 as a graphic designer/editorial assistant in school improvement. From 2008 to 2017, she worked in human resources as administrator and later project manager. In 2017, she returned to school improvement as a data management coordinator and then accounting coordinator. Prior to joining SREB, she designed jewelry and was an inventory manager at an international gold marketplace distributor.


Leslie Eaves
Program Director, Project Based Learning

Leslie Eaves leads the project-based learning program at SREB, where she designs professional learning experiences for teachers to implement PBL. She joined SREB in 2016, bringing more than 16 years of experience in the public education sector. She holds both a technology education and 9-12 math license. Prior to SREB, Leslie taught high school engineering courses in North Carolina. She joined North Carolina New Schools in 2011 as a math content coach and a general instructional coach, where she implemented school-centered learning strategies and STEM practices.


Paula Egelson
Division Director, Research and Accountability

Paula Egelson is the division director of research and accountability. She joined the Southern Regional Education Board in September 2010 as director of research to the school improvement team. She brings more than 35 years of experience as a K-12 educator, director of reading and school improvement, and senior research analyst. While at SREB, Paula has co-authored research and policy publications on preparing principals to be more effective and improving the quality of career and technical teacher preparation.